We are focused on evangelism and church planting in North India. Millions of people in North India are starving for the gospel. In response to the great need and urgency to advance the gospel to unchurched villages, more than 50 full time ministry workers, all indigenous believers, are serving on the front lines in South Asia. Read More
The success in reaching unchurched villages for Christ will involve individuals just like you, from many churches and various denominations, that are committed to the advancement of the gospel into unchurched areas. Millions of villagers are so hungry for the gospel, and so open to receiving it! Now is the time to invest, while the doors are open, in the eternal harvest amongst these hungry people. Read More
By joining our prayer network, or by your generous financial participation, you can be a vital and integral part of the exciting work God is doing today to reach multitudes of individuals in the unchurched villages of North India with the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Read More
We're targeting villages that have been identified as having no gospel witness. These are unchurched villages where, for the most part, the inhabitants have never even heard of Jesus Christ, let alone the salvation He offers. We are focused on reaching these villages one by one with the gospel, and planting churches all along the way. Read More
We dare not move forward with advancing the gospel without all activities being saturated in prayer and intercession. We are totally dependent upon God for His anointing in ministry, and for His mighty power to transform lives, as we take the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ to the lost. Read More
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