Evangelism & Church Planting

Front Line Evangelism and Church Planting -
You Can Be There Today!

By joining our prayer network, or by your generous financial participation, you can be a vital and integral part of the exciting work God is doing today to reach multitudes of individuals in the unchurched villages of North India with the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Every aspect of the work of evangelism and church planting must be saturated in fervent prayer and intercession for the work of ministry and for the unreached people.  You can be a history changer today by joining forces with us.  Join the prayer network today to become an essential part of the advancement of the gospel to these precious people.

A great opportunity exists today to join a growing tide of generous giving towards the expansion of God's kingdom in unchurched areas of North India.  Please donate today.  Join numerous organizations and many other believers in this historic advancement of the gospel.  Funds are urgently needed for the addition of full-time evangelists and church planters, for evangelistic equipment and transportation, and for all the support functions of the ministry.  You can donate online today, and be a history changer in your generation!


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