About Us

We are focused on evangelism and church planting in the unchurched villages of North India.  The precious people in these villages are starving for the gospel.  In response to the great need and urgency to advance the gospel in these villages, more than 50 full time ministry workers, all indigenous believers, are serving on the front lines in these areas.  
Wherever we do evangelism, we are committed to seeing new believers disicpled in the ways of Jesus Christ. 
New churches have been established in more than 1,200 villages, and we are diligently focused on leadership training for the effective increase of ministry. 
We are seeking to partner with other healthy ministries wherever possible for the greatest fruitfulness and in a spirit of unity with the greater body of Christ.   

The practice of individual relationship with and accountability to God is foundational for each and every ministry participant.  Maintaining intimacy with God and pursuing personal holiness is the highest priority for each officer of the corporation and each ministry participant. 

The best plans, strategy and implementation are in vain if the reality of related spiritual dynamics is not understood and engaged.  Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke says, "let us plunder hell to populate heaven".  The kingdom of darkness holds people captive - we need to forcefully act in the authority of Jesus Christ to see them set free.  We maintain an emphasis on successfully engaging in spiritual warfare as a high priority.  Dr. Ralph Winter, Founder of U.S. Center for World Missions, has referred to India as the most spiritually perverse, darkest place of demonic activity on earth.  Being that we are called by God to help usher in spiritual transformation in this area, it is incumbent upon us to become world-class experts in spiritual warfare.  Fervent prayer and intercession is a vital aspect of every ministry activity with us, and every person joining us in ministry is respectfully asked to begin on our knees in prayer.
We are laser focused on the goal of reaching more than 6,000 unchurched villages with the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.  We ask for the prayer and financial partnership of fellow believers, and view partnership with many others as an essential part of our success. 
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