Assumptions and Principles

Assumptions underlying all activities:

  1. Our assignments are spiritual in nature.
  2. The spiritual enemy must be engaged in warfare.
  3. People are not our enemy, Satan and his spiritual kingdom is. 
  4. A unified and well-coordinated body of Christ in a given territory or region of activity is important to God
  5. All plans must include a balance of bold faith and sound strategic planning.
  6. As we move forward in the dominion and authority of Jesus Christ, the spiritual enemy of people will recede.
  7. It is better to die standing in our liberty and triumph as followers of Jesus than to live in subjection to powers of darkness.
  8. Our greatest resource is the power of Almighty Creator God, who is the mightiest and most influence force in all the earth and sky.  He can accomplish whatever he wants through people that walk in meekness before Him.

Principles to live by:

  1. Where evangelism is done it should be accompanied by and coordinated with a commitment to disciple the new believers and see a local church established if a healthy church does not already exist in the area.
  2. Personal intimacy with and faithfulness in personal relationship with God must remain the highest priority of every believer, no matter what their ministry is.
  3. Great matters are successfully developed as we pay attention to each small step.  Large vision is only a vain dream if we are not faithful with the little things, and the individual relationships, already at hand.
  4. Whatever we do today, do with focus on faithfulness; whomever we cross paths with today, relate to them with focused love and genuine compassion.  We influence multitudes best as we deeply care for individuals at hand.
  5. It is always better to underestimate statistics of fruitfulness than to slightly overstate true facts.
  6. A true servant of God finds joy in a vision fulfilled, no matter who gets the credit.
  7. We should care more about the growth of God's kingdom than promotion of our ministry name.
  8. Buildings used exclusively for weekly church meetings run the risk of limiting church growth and fostering self-centeredness.  Focus on reaching a village, a city, a region, rather than on filling a building.  If a physical church center exists, rejoice in that provision and look outward toward evangelism and influence on society.
  9. International ministry should always respect the local culture and should always foster indigenous self-sufficiency with regards to leadership and finances. 
  10. God is always worthy to be praised, and activities are worthwhile if they result in glory being given to God.
  11. May God be praised from where He's never been praised before!
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